Tentokrát na téma Latinská Amerika. Je ale dost těžký (otázky jsme dostali mailem v rámci předmětu Latin America studies od Miguela, máme si na ně vyhledat na netu odpovědi, na přednášce se na ně bude ptát). A když nebudeme vědět, tak se nasere, říkal 🙂

Celkem nápaditý domácí úkol, ne?

Where and when did Simón Bolívar die?

Who was Porfirio Díaz?

What is the TLC?

Until what year was Cuba a colony of Spain?

What happened on April the 17th, 1961 in la Bahía de Cochinos?

Name two novels of Rómulo Gallegos

How do you say „sun“ in quéchua?

What is the main product that Ecuador exports?

What is a „gaucho“?

Who wrote „El Túnel“?

What is a „chicano“?

What do „mate“ and „lunfardo“ have in common?

Where is „guaraní“ an official language?

What is known as „la noche triste“?

Who wrote „La mujer habitada“?

What is „Bachianas Brasileiras“?

Name the three latin american countries that have a similar flag?

Where and at what height is Titicaca lake situated?

Who was „Betty la fea“?

What ingredients do you need to prepare „mole“?

How long is the Amazonas river?

What characteristic do the works of Fernando Botero have?

How many students does the largest university of Mexico have?

What is the APRA?

Who was Gabriela Mistral?

Who was David Siqueiros?

What is Venezuela’s national sport?

Where is Armenia?

What is the postal address of the Museo del Oro?

What is „candomblé“?

What is „tinku“?

What is „ahuacatl“?

What is the name of the president of the third largest country in South

What are the two main ingredients of a „feijoada“?