Právě jsem dosmolil svůj první text do školy, je to stupidní self-introduction na kurz honosně označený basic academic writing, ani nechci vědět, kolik tam mám chyb. Když už jsem to ale napsal, tak to sem vrznu, abyste věděli, kolik obětí studiu přináším 🙂

Hi guys, let me introduce myself in serveral worlds. OK, in several sentences.

My name is Petr Srsen, I am from Czech Republic (yeah, that’s the country of cheap and good beer) and I am studying at University of Jyvaskyla for this semestr. I was born in Ceska Lipa, not a big town in the north of Bohemia, 22 years ago. For past three and half years I have studied at Faculty of social sciences at Charles University in Prague. My major is journalism and hopefully I will graduate this summer. After that I can continue in MA studies (mass media and communication) on the same faculty or I can choose some different school. I am not decided now what I want to do in near future.

What are my main aims here in Jyvaskyla? I would like to find out Finnish culture and „way of life“ in Finland, I would like to write my BA thesis with support of teachers from Department of Communication, I would like to participate in some interesting media courses such as Media and civic participation and last but not least I would like to improve my English skills, especially writing.

I have been in Finland only for three weeks, so I cannot do any principal conlusions. But I can say that I am happy I have choosen Finland as a country of my Erasmus study stay, I enjoy Finnish people (most my lovely tutor Anna-Stiina), I enjoy a lot of snow and winter sports. Maybe food and other things could be cheaper here, but I need to lose weight a little bit, so this can be good way how to manage it.

Now, you should write some valuable bubbles under this text.